Samstag, 11. Mai 2019

Hunt for syrian war criminals in France

French TV has broadcasted an interesting episode of investigation program “Complément d’Enquête”.
The reporter crew managed to track Syrian war criminals who have reached European countries and applied for asylum under the pretext of being persecutes of the Assad regime.
The documentary makes reference to the three war criminals arrested in France and Germany  in February 2019.
Reference is also made to case no 3 (“Detention Center”) in this blog.
A man called Dahi Al Musalmani claims that the young man being flogged in the video to be his nephew Ahmad (see from min 6:30)

Also very interesting is the fact that Syrian war criminals can rely on a vast support network in Europe with sponsors who aid war criminals with concealment, assisting the asylum application procedure and finding accomodations.
In the case of Khalid Al Halabi from Suweida the documentary insinuates the curious fact that the Austrian intelligence services possibly facilitated the conferring of his asylum status – which was rejected by French authorities based on his background – in exchange for information on ISIS-terrorists.
Captions will follow soon. 

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