Freitag, 24. August 2018

Case 6 ("red shirt")

Several persons lying on the ground, some of them injured. Armed men in woodland camo fatigues and also plainclothed hit and mistreat them. Some of the men wears a red shirt. Unfortunately only low video quality.

Case 5 ("curb stone")

Severel unarmed and apparently civilian men are lined up and compelled to lie on the street near the curb stone. Militiamen hit and trample on them.
One of the men wears a black baseball cap and a yellow ribbon on his right arm. Another one wears a bright red baseball cap.

Dienstag, 21. August 2018

Case 4 ("white shirt")

Video of a man, blindfolded with his t-shirt, being whipped and abused.
The perpetrators wear woodland camo fatigues and white sneakers. One of the men wears a white longsleeve shirt.

Case 3 ("Detention center")

Video of a badly bruised young man being beaten by soldiers or militia men.
The faces of the perpetrators are not or only barely discernible.
Noticeable is the unusial woodland camo pattern on one uniform.

Case 2 ("elevated highway")

Video of a boy/young man being beaten up by a group of militiamen. In this video several men are visible clothed in woodland camo fatigues, black t-shirts and white sneakers. Also a plainclothed woman.
The location is currently undisclosed; it looks like it was shot under an elevated highway.
The militiamen beat the young man with fists and a plastic pipe.
Pictures of the main perpetrator below.
One of the militiaman wears a wristband in the colours of the syrian national flag.