Freitag, 6. August 2021

Syrian torture doc Alaa M. indicted for crimes against humanity

 One year after his arrest, torture doctor Alaa M. is tried before the Higher Regional Court of Frankurt.

Read the reporting  of BILD with the details of the indictment bill:

It is about the most severe mental and physical cruelty: Alaa M. is said to have brutally tortured civilians as a doctor in three hospitals in Syria. According to the indictment, he is said to have set fire to male genitals and mistreated prisoners with medical devices.

Now the Federal Prosecutor's office has indicted the Syrian, who has practiced in Germany since 2015, in the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court - for crimes against humanity and serious and dangerous bodily harm.

According to the indictment, Alaa M. was up to mischief in hospitals in Homs and Damascus between April 2011 and the end of 2012, as well as in a military intelligence prison in Homs. His alleged victims: 18 prisoners - Alaa M. is said to have even killed one of them.

Suspected palestinian war criminal arrested in Berlin

The Federal Public Prosecutor General has ordered the arrest of a presumed syrian war criminal in Berlin.
The suspect was designated with the name Mouafak Al D. The suspect is an alleged member of palestinian milicias working for the Assad regime and is accused of war crimes in the camp of Yarmouk in the outskirts of Damascus.

See the reporting in BILD:

End of the line for the alleged war criminal Mouafak Al D., who fought for dictator Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and then fled to Berlin.

The Federal Public Prosecutor had D. arrested in Berlin today. The charge: war crimes, at least seven murders and dangerous bodily harm.

Mouafak Al D. is a Syrian Palestinian from the Yarmouk district in Damascus. Tens of thousands of Palestinians live in the refugee camp in the south of the capital. Yarmouk is controlled by Palestinian militias that are subordinate to the Assad regime, including the PFLP-GC and the Free Palestine Movement (FPM) group. Al D. was initially active in the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP-GC before he moved to the FPM and became a high-ranking commander there.
After the uprising against the Assad regime in 2011, the Yarmouk district was fiercely contested for years, the Palestinian-Syrian militias cordoned off the area, starved people and repeatedly massacred the civilian population on behalf of the regime. Also there: the FPM minions.