Freitag, 25. September 2020

Anwar Raslan trial: the mysterious circumstances of Raslans asylum in Germany

 During the trial in Koblenz suspicions arise why Raslan was granted asylum despite the fact that his function as an intelligence operative for the syrian regime was known to german authorities. Did german intelligence services expect informations on the syrian regime, asks Northern Germany Broadcasting NDR?:

"Despite warnings, the federal government brought a suspected Syrian chief torturer to Germany and granted him asylum without a hearing.
The Foreign Office was warned. Nevertheless, the Syrian Anwar R. got a visa for Germany in 2014 and, according to Panorama, received refugee protection and political asylum. The problem: Anwar R. was not a conventional war refugee. He previously served the Syrian regime as a senior intelligence officer. Anwar R. was the head of interrogation in the Intelligence Service Department 251, which is notorious for its torture practices and which also includes the Al-Khatib prison in Damascus.

Montag, 14. September 2020

German politicians confused about chairmanship of Assad crony in german-arabic chamber of commerce

 Several politicians in Germany have voiced their astonishment after the discovery that Assad Crony Mohamad Hamsho holds the chairmanship in german-arabic chamber of commerce "Ghorfa". Hamsho is close to Maher Al Assad, brother of syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

Human rights experts blame him to have arranged expropriations of inhabitants of neighborhoods hostile to the government in Damascus in order to retreive metals of destroyed homes and reconstruct the neighborhood after displacement of the population, writes german newspaper WELT:

"What does a man who is not allowed to enter Germany do in the presidium of a business association based in Berlin? A man whom the EU accuses of “benefiting from and providing support to the Syrian regime”. A regime guilty of "continued brutal repression and violation of human rights"?
These are the reasons for the sanctions, which also affect the Syrian Mohamad Hamsho. He is the owner of the Hamsho International Group and a member of the Presidium of the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce in Ghorfa, which resides on Berlin's Garrison Church Square, with an impressive view of the Pergamon Museum.