Purpose of this page

In the beginning of the year 2011 the people of Syria revolted against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The people of Syria seeked for freedom, basic fundamental rights and human dignity.
The protests – peaceful in the beginning – were cracked down in a brutal way by government forces. After a few months already thousands of people had lost their lives. Many others disappeared in prisons and secret interrogation facilities where they were submitted to cruel torture. 

Facing the impossibility to bring off a transition to democracy and a state of law by peaceful means, the opposition forces began to take up arms and different players appeared on the scene. Some of them – according to their respective political or religious affiliation – fought the government, the opposition or fought among themselves.

The victims of those fights are primarily innocent civilians and men who advocated against any form of tyranny or oppression regardless of their nature.

In order to build a democratic and peaceful society, the syrian people needs justice. The perpetrators who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity must be identified, arrested and brought to trial where they will have to answer for their actions. 

Many oft he perpetrators have recorded their actions through pictures and videos. 
The purpose of this page is to identify the perpetrators and collect evidence for a future trial before a syrian or international court. 

Who can give information about the videos? When have they been recorded and where? Who can give details about the persons shown there (name, address, military or police unit, rank, location of the operation)? 

The information will be treated strictly confidential and will be forwarded to law enforcement organisations only in order to initiate criminal investigation.