Montag, 30. September 2019

Case 26: flogging of a woman

Three men, one in fatigues and two in civilian clothing with trackpants and trainers, flog a bound person that lies on the floor with cables. The room is empty and a toolbox stands on a table. The video description claims the person to be a woman. Sources claim the location is in Hama. 


Donnerstag, 26. September 2019

Case 25: "truck-bed"

Several militia men, mostly in T-Shirts and fatigues, two of them plainclothed flog and humiliate a young man lying on the ground of a truck-bed probably on a transfer to a detention facility. They also force him to pledge allegiance to Bashar al-Assad. At least two of the militiamen wear wristbands in the colours of the baathist syrian flag. The place can very likely be identified since many landmarks of the city are visible in the video.


Freitag, 20. September 2019

Case 24: Beaten up by militia

A handcuffed man is beaten and mistreated by 4 militia or intelligence personnel. One of the perpetrators is wearing a purple poloshirt with the inscription "Qualified" or "Qualifeo" on the back. Another wears a blue Adidas baseball-hat.


Case 23: "face slaps"

A big corpulent soldier humiliates two apparently civilian middle-aged men by forcing them to face-slap each other.


The curious case of Nir Rosen

An interesting long-read on Nir Rosen, journalist turned shadow-diplomat for Syria:

"Whatever his motives, Rosen’s career in Syria shows how foreign policy works in the 21st century. The shapers of world events often hold no official portfolio, operating through channels that even those inside of government can’t always see or understand. Policy inputs originate far beyond any knowable org chart, and they result from furtive negotiations of access whose true parameters are unknown to all but the required few. At times, policy can resemble a kind of freelance spycraft by which decision-makers on multiple continents find and activate Rosen-like figures who are unencumbered by employment with any publicly accountable organization.

At that rare Moscow appearance, Rosen took some shots at the Assad regime, calling it “feudal” and “incompetent.” When he began criticizing Assad for lacking a post-conflict reconstruction strategy, Bouthaina Shabaan, the Assad regime’s longtime liaison to the Western press, walked out of the speech in dismay. According to attendees, Rosen did not seem perturbed.

“Look, the people Nir interacts with are much higher than Bouthaina,” says Randa Slim, the director of conflict resolution at the Middle East Institute and someone who attended the talk. “She is a political, civilized figure of the regime, and the people Nir interacts with are the ugliest security and intelligence people.”

Some of the most brutal and powerful officials in Damascus apparently saw Nir Rosen as a useful instrument. The question is why—and for what?"

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link: 

Donnerstag, 19. September 2019

Case 22: Execution by firearms on the street

A lifeless man in civilian clothes apparently wounded by gunshot is lying on the street as armed personnels in army fatigues surround him, some of them sport white sneakers instead of army boots.
At least two of the armed persons shoot him with pistols. Location and context unclear.