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Suspected palestinian war criminal arrested in Berlin

The Federal Public Prosecutor General has ordered the arrest of a presumed syrian war criminal in Berlin.
The suspect was designated with the name Mouafak Al D. The suspect is an alleged member of palestinian milicias working for the Assad regime and is accused of war crimes in the camp of Yarmouk in the outskirts of Damascus.

See the reporting in BILD:

End of the line for the alleged war criminal Mouafak Al D., who fought for dictator Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and then fled to Berlin.

The Federal Public Prosecutor had D. arrested in Berlin today. The charge: war crimes, at least seven murders and dangerous bodily harm.

Mouafak Al D. is a Syrian Palestinian from the Yarmouk district in Damascus. Tens of thousands of Palestinians live in the refugee camp in the south of the capital. Yarmouk is controlled by Palestinian militias that are subordinate to the Assad regime, including the PFLP-GC and the Free Palestine Movement (FPM) group. Al D. was initially active in the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP-GC before he moved to the FPM and became a high-ranking commander there.
After the uprising against the Assad regime in 2011, the Yarmouk district was fiercely contested for years, the Palestinian-Syrian militias cordoned off the area, starved people and repeatedly massacred the civilian population on behalf of the regime. Also there: the FPM minions.

In his indictment, the Federal Prosecutor highlighted a war crime in particular: On March 23, 2014, Al D. allegedly fired an anti-tank weapon at a crowd. The civilians from Yarmouk waited at a food counter for food packages that were distributed by the UN relief agency UNRWA. At least seven people died and three others were injured, some seriously, including a six-year-old child.
Later, Al sat down. D went to Germany, lived in Berlin - and was recognized by some of his victims here.

One of them is Amar H. (47). He was there in the 2014 rocket attack, survived seriously injured, and the traces of the attack can still be seen on his leg today. "The Assad regime had conquered Yarmouk back then," H. tells BILD. “Al D. was in command of a checkpoint at the entrance to the city.” Anyone who passed there was insulted, beaten and kicked, says H. “There was an aid organization outside that distributed food. I was there that day and wanted to get an aid package. ”Suddenly, shots were fired, then an anti-tank shell hit the crowd. “Seven people died instantly. I was badly injured, but thank God I survived. "
The “Free Palestine Movement” militia and their commander Al D. had previously spread fear and horror in the refugee camp, says H .: “They repeatedly abducted people and took them to the regime's torture dungeons, women were raped en masse. They didn't stop at children either. "

In 2016, H. made it to Germany. Today he lives in Saxony and wants to report every criminal he recognizes: "In Syria I swore to myself at the time: If I survive this and get out of this hell one day, I will expose all of these crimes," said H. "As When I found out that Al D. is also in Germany, I have collected all the evidence, photos and videos and contacted a Syrian lawyer to report him Has. "This man is responsible for the fact that many of my friends and acquaintances have disappeared!"
The Syrian lawyer Anwar al-Bunni calls on his compatriots in Germany to report war criminals and founded the “Syrian Center for Law and Research” in Berlin - as a contact point for witnesses. Al-Bunni to BILD: "The center has been working for more than a year and a half with the help of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights on this case and collected testimony from more than seven people and victims."

The official investigation began about nine months ago.

Trials such as those against Al D. are possible on the basis of the principle of universal law, which is derived from international criminal law: Accordingly, every state can prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes even if there is no reference to its own state or its own citizens.

See also (WELT):

The federal prosecutor's office arrested a man in Berlin on Wednesday for war crimes, murder and assault in Syria. He is said to have fired a grenade from an anti-tank weapon into a crowd in March 2014 on a square in the capital Damascus. At least seven people were killed. At least three were seriously injured, including a six-year-old child. They were civilians waiting for food parcels from the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East.

The accused Syrian was a member of the "Free Palestine Movement" group at the time, as the authorities in Karlsruhe announced. Before that he was a member of the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command”. On behalf of the Syrian regime, these armed militias had exercised control over the affected part of Damascus, which arose from a Palestinian refugee camp. In the meantime, this had been completely sealed off. The result was a lack of food, water and medical care.

The federal prosecutor's office accuses the man of war crimes, murder in seven cases and dangerous bodily harm in three cases. An investigative judge from the Federal Court of Justice should decide on Wednesday whether he will be in custody. Officials of the State Criminal Police Office in Berlin also searched the accused's apartment in the federal capital during the morning's access.

A spokeswoman for the police in Berlin added that the Federal Public Prosecutor had commissioned the Berlin State Criminal Police Office to investigate this case in 2020. The arrest warrant against the 54-year-old accused Syrian was carried out on Wednesday morning in Berlin-Treptow by LKA investigators.

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