Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

The noose is tightening around the neck of Assad's cronies

Syrian Observe reports about a campaign aiming at identifying war profiteers in Assad's Syria:

"According to details published on the organization’s website, the campaign aims to, “achieve the principle of accountability and prevent impunity for war criminals and those who fund them.” The group added that it had “picked up and uncovered the threads of those networks.” 
On the goals of the campaign, the organization said that it was “exposing how the Assad regime manages its financial affairs through a group of traders close to the republican palace.” 
According to sources from the organization, the campaign has shed light on around 70 individuals tied to the Assad regime, forming a group of war profiteers who have doubled their income on the suffering of millions of Syrians. 
These targeted individuals were chosen by revealing the pattern of financiers that the head of the regime relies on, which it uses to strengthen its control by enabling them to have authority over all facets of the Syrian economy over the past nine years." 

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