Montag, 27. April 2020

Scandal over painting worth 27 M € offered to Asma Al Assad

While his people is dying and starving, syrian president Bashar al Assad offers his wife a painting by pop-art painter David Hockney worth 27 million Euros.
The information was disclosed by russian newspaper Gosnovosti and transferred in middle eastern media.

French newspaper "Libération" writes: 

"When he is not at war, Bashar Al-Assad knows how to be very generous out of love. The Syrian president would come to prove it in a rare moment of grace for almost ten years devoted to bombing his country and his people. Taking advantage of the truce of fighting imposed on him in Idlib following an agreement between his Russian ally and his Turkish enemy in northern Syria, he is said to have offered his wife, Asma al-Assad, a painting by David Hockney for almost 27 million euros. The British painter, master of pop art, has become one of the most expensive in the world in recent years.
Curiously, it was a Russian newspaper, Gosnovosti, which last week revealed the purchase of the artwork by its great ally from Damascus. Several media close to the Kremlin recently launched a virulent campaign against corruption by the Bashar al-Assad regime. We will come back to it. At the moment and according to Russian information which quotes an alleged Syrian Twitter account not found, the acquisition was made at auction of the famous house Sotheby’s in London by an unknown buyer. Indeed, the sale on February 11 of one of Hockney's emblematic canvases, The Splash, a 1.80 meter square painting, painted in 1966, "representing a swimming pool with diving board and splashes, seizing the right moment after the diver entered the water, "had been reported by all the artistic columnists at the time. "Knocked down at 23.1 million pounds sterling (27.4 million euros), it is not a record, but all the same", comments a critic about the confirmed increase in the rating of the artist."

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