Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2020

Arrests never stop in the Assad regime-held areas of "reconciliation"

"Yesterday, Monday, the Assad regime's militia carried out a campaign of arrests in areas of southern Damascus, targeting those wanted for the purpose of forced recruitment.

"The patrols from the regime's Palestine Branch barriers been established temporarily the day before yesterday and held surprising tours in the towns of "Al-Thiyabiya," "Al-Husseiniya," and "Al-Husseiniya" camp, south of Damascus, in search of the settlement members who refused to join the ranks of the regime," local sources reported.

The sources added that the militias arrested a number of young men after the security forces inspected them, pointing to the participation of Palestinian militias affiliated with the regime in the campaign.

Patrols belonging to the military intelligence of the Assad regime arrested last week 34 people from the "Al Theyabiyya" who had made "settlements" with the regime earlier, during raids that coincided with the imposition of a security cordon on the town.
The Assad regime's militias have previously arrested hundreds of people who were deceived by the promises of "the settlement." A previous report by the "Syrian Network for Human Rights" showed that there are heavy arrests in the areas of "Al-Masalat", especially in Eastern Ghouta, the northern countryside of Homs, Daraa, and Quneitra.

The national security of the regime recently canceled "regularizing" the situation of hundreds of Syrians, especially in the countryside of Damascus, and circulated their names to military checkpoints and began pursuing them in violation of the agreements concluded under Russian sponsorship."


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