Montag, 16. Dezember 2019

Study: extensive torture against children in syrian detention

A shocking report by "Lawyers & doctors for human rights" about torture and sexual violence against children in Syria:

Even children are not safe from the systematic torture and sexual violence which is inflicted on detainees in Syria. By examining LDHR medical expert reports, we found evidence that Grave Violations were being committed against children in detention including killing and torture, sexual violence, arbitrary detention and potentially enforced disappearance (...) These children have been used as weapons of war to pressure and retaliate against the
people whose opinions and beliefs oppose the government’s policies and practices.

Among the abuses documented in Syrian government detention:
- a teenage girl who miscarried through fear and kept remnants in a plastic bag in her cell, another subjected to mock execution.
- A teenage boy raped and filmed by two guards, and then forced to watch the video.
- A 10 year old separated from her mother & held in solitary. Guards told her they had killed her mother (her father had died years back). Child was left crying and screaming her mother's name, thinking that she had no one left.

You can read the report via the below link:

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